Best Gold IRA Companies

regalassets1. Regal Assets

Phone: 888-981-7445

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2. Merit Gold


Phone: 800-515-5019

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3. Capital Gold


Phone: 800-510-9594

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The Gold IRA has been growing in popularity over the last few years, ever since the economic crisis of 2008 and gold’s climb to all time highs.  Whether you’re just looking to invest a portion of your IRA (or any retirement account such as a 401k, 403b, 457b, etc), or rollover a larger amount, you should take the time to research companies and call them before you decide who you want to invest with.

Give each of these companies a call.  Ask them tough questions about any potential rollover fees, yearly custodial fees, and what types of coins they recommend for a gold IRA and why.  Then, make your decision being full informed.  Only then can you move forward with confidence.

Still not convinced gold is a good investment? Watch this video below…

Additional Companies to Consider

American Bullion

Phone: 800-326-9598 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints - TrustLink Ratings


Phone: 800-343-3548 - Visit Website

Lexi Capital

Phone: 800-473-1213 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints - TrustLink Ratings

Lear Capital

Phone: 800-576-9355 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints - TrustLink Ratings

Morgan Gold

Phone: 800-585-1773 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints


Phone: 800-880-4653 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints

Rosland Capital

Phone: 800-461-1246 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints - TrustLink Ratings


Phone: 800-375-9006 - Visit Website - BBB Reviews & Complaints


Phone: 877-775-4826 – Visit Website